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Supernatural Recovery: An Empath's Guide to Overcoming Trauma & Addiction

About the Book

Supernatural Recovery is a roadmap to recovery using heart-centered, practical tools to help anyone seeking help for addiction or other maladaptive coping mechanisms. These practices can be especially useful for empaths and highly sensitive individuals. This book will show you how to build a solid physical and emotional foundation so you can overcome triggers. You will also learn about releasing trauma from your body and calming your nervous system without the use of chemicals. And finally, Supernatural Recovery will help you find a deep love and compassion for yourself as you move through your own healing journey.

Through this process you will:


  • Learn how to build a solid foundation to deal with physical and emotional triggers

  • Learn how to calm your nervous system without the use of chemicals and addictive substances

  • Release trauma and stuck energy from your body

  • Practice next level self love and self compassion

Trauma and addiction recovery coach
This book will teach you how to:

  • Let go of old thought patterns that no longer serve you

  • Practice next level self care

  • Stay present with yourself through difficult emotions

  • Release feelings that do not belong to you

  • Overcome victim mentality

Trauma and addiction recovery coach

Praise for 
Supernatural Recovery


"Wow! This book is a must read if you’re a) an empath b) overcoming any sort of trauma c) overcoming addiction d) looking to grow spiritually or mentally. Laura is soooo extremely knowledgeable and helpful in these areas that she’s an expert in. I can’t wait to read more of her work!"

-Karen JT

"For those interested in the spiritual aspect of recovery? This is a MUST read. Laura's life experience shows through her prose in a very real way. You cannot read this book and remain untouched."

-Robert F.

"Not enough books on this topic provide a truly well-rounded, fully integrative approach. This one stands out because it's psychologically sophisticated and yet doesn't shy away from the spiritual."

-Matt D.

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